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Mitch Morse Spends His Day Visiting Kids at the University of Kansas Health System
Kansas City Chiefs | 2 weeks ago

It was anything but a standard hospital visit for Kansas City Chiefs' center Mitch Morse on Thursday afternoon, as the fourth-year offensive lineman hugged, laughed and chatted with a handful of young adults at the University of Kansas Health System.

Morse, who came up with the idea himself just a few days prior, went room-to-room visiting patients and made a point of really getting to know each person he met along the way.

"I think whenever you have an opportunity to do things like this with a little lull time in your schedule, you take advantage of it – especially for kiddos who may be going through a tough time," Morse said. "It's even more for their family, sometimes. The kids could care less who you are, but I think sometimes it means something to the parents. If you're able to help even just a little bit throughout the day, as cliché as it sounds, it can mean a ton."

Morse did plenty of that, often closing off the rooms he visited from anyone else in order to achieve more authentic interactions.

"It's great to have the media there sometimes, but the best conversations you have are when you close the door and it's just you guys talking," Morse explained. "That way you can just be a person and talk to them, it's like you don't even have the jersey on. As a football player, you want to be able to talk to people normally and it's the same way for these kids, they're already talking to enough doctors and nurses, sometimes you just want to have a normal conversation."

It was something that resonated with every patient that Morse had a chance to meet.

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