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Eric Weddle: Lamar Jackson has bright future ahead | 4 weeks ago

First-round quarterback Lamar Jackson continues to be the talk of Baltimore Ravens' offseason workouts.

Speaking on NFL Network's Good Morning Football, Ravens safety Eric Weddle gushed about Jackson's ability.

"He's been great. Obviously you know why we took him," Weddle said. "He's as talented of a player that I've seen coming into my 12th year. He's got a live arm, he can sling it. Obviously, his ability to run and shake guys -- you see it in team drills where things break down, he gets out on the perimeter and guys aren't even close to him. "

Perhaps realizing the hype he was building about a rookie quarterback participating in non-contact offseason drills, Weddle couched his comments, noting Jackson must continue to grow before taking over the starting role.

"But he's got a long way to go. He's a rookie," Weddle said. "It's hard to make that transition, especially for quarterbacks that come from those crazy offenses that they're doing nowadays. But [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] is doing a great job implementing a lot of the stuff he did, along with Joe [Flacco].

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