Giants slugger Brandon Belt questions umpires integrity after questionable call ends game
Arizona Central | 5 days ago

SAN FRANCISCO - Brandon Belt's habit of taking borderline pitches and often getting rung up has long frustrated Giants fans.

On Wednesday it was the San Francisco first baseman who expressed his frustration, in clear and accusatory terms against home plate umpire Doug Eddings.

Belt, who took a questionable third strike for the game's final out in the Giants' 6-3 loss to the Reds, said Eddings has previously expressed a desire to end games quickly and reiterated that notion on Wednesday.

"It's tough because you hope an umpire doesn't affect the game like that, but he did, and you're not sure if it was on purpose either,'' Belt told news reporters. "I've heard the guy multiple times say that, or insinuate, that he's trying to get to the game fast, and then he makes calls like that, that I can't imagine he really thought was a strike. You gotta wonder.''

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