Yankees legend Don Mattingly questions if Giancarlo Stanton can handle boos
New Jersey Local | 6 days ago

NEW YORK -- Don Mattingly knows what it's like to be loved wearing pinstripes in the Bronx.

He also knows what it's like to face harsh boos, like the ones his former star Giancarlo Stanton earned -- once again -- in Monday's 12-1 Yankees win over the Marlins at Yankee Stadium.

And Mattingly said he's not sure Stanton will be able to handle it.

"I think that's the one thing you never know. That's the only thing you really don't know," said Mattingly, the Marlins' manager and Stanton's skipper from 2016-2018. "Anybody that comes to New York -- I've seen a lot of guys come into New York from other organizations while I played here, it's just a different place. It's just not the same. So you've got go out and prove yourself on the field."

Mattingly played 14 years with the Yankees from 1982-1995, spending much of that time as the face of the franchise before his current Miami owner, Derek Jeter, took that mantle.

If not for injuries, the first baseman Mattingly, a .307 career hitter with six All-Star games and one AL MVP under his belt, would likely have ended up a Hall of Famer.

Bird back sooner than you think?

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