Pros outraged over HS girl not getting trophy
Golf Channel | 6 months ago

A story emerged earlier this week where Emily Nash was the low finisher in a boys' high school event in Massachusetts but was not declared the individual champion because of her gender.

Upon hearing the news, professional players both men and women, current players and Hall of Famers expressed their frustration on social media.

#EmilyNash -- taking the trophy in opinion on this one...Winning is the prize !!!

Congrats to Emily Nash on her BIG Win!Keep following your dreams and nothing can stop you!!!#GirlPower

This is infuriating. If everyone plays the same tees it doesn't matter if your a girl or boy. Lowest score wins period

High school golfer not awarded first-place trophy -- because she's a girl via the @FoxNews App. 2017. Really ?

Unacceptable #emilywon

There's no rule that I know of that stops low score winning...

That would be a local rule or a made up bullshit rule

how is this possible!?

Emily Nash, if you're out there, don't be disheartened and keep handing it to the

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